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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Michael Frazier-Book Excerpt

12       Michael Frazier


                Michael Frazier was not an attractive man—not by any stretch of the imagination. At six feet, his frame bordered on scrawniness and he had a slightly humped back, probably from years of leaning over to play the organ. His hair resembled steel wool and was usually in dire need of a good trim. His eyes were beady black holes punctuating his pinched, pale scruffy face. Unable to wear contact lenses, Frazier’s myopia was corrected by large, horn-rimmed glasses that only accentuated a small, taut face with thin, lifeless lips and a receding hairline.

            Although plagued by social awkwardness, there were two arenas where Michael had friends—Trinity United Methodist, where he was thought to be a musical genius, and at The Oak Ridger Newspaper, where is talent as a writer was appreciated. Unknown to most, Michael possessed a certain disdain for many people, usually thinking he was the smartest person in a room. He was quick with sarcastic comments veiled as jokes, when someone’s “stupidity” annoyed him. Like one in three Americans, Michael suffered from bouts of depression, compounded by a certain bitterness stemming from his disappointment in the life he had lived.

But Michael Frazier had a secret—one he kept from the world. He was in love with a beautiful creature he had met seven years earlier. His joy, and paradoxically sadness, spun around his brain when he allowed himself to fantasize about how his life would be with her by his side. Facing the truth, he knew there was no way such a woman would ever be interested in him. In his heart he knew, Lisa Whedbee was unattainable...

Lisa and Michael became friends when she joined the choir in 1991, about a year after the birth of her daughter with severe disabilities. He admired the strength she seemed to show for the cards she had been dealt. He could not know it was a well-practiced facade she presented to the world. The tender care she showed for her daughter moved him, and he always wished there was some way he could help this precious angel. It was this desire that motivated Michael to suggest the story about Lisa and her struggles to raise a special needs child.

Lisa loved the idea of the story. Of course, Lisa loved anything that made her the center of attention, and she was happy to meet with Michael numerous times as they worked on the article. Michael was in heaven getting to spend time with Lisa almost every day during the two weeks it took to gather everything he needed to write the piece. Maybe he stretched it out a little bit, but being in her presence made him feel like the man he had always wanted to be. Despite everything he was feeling, he thought he was in tight control of his behavior, lest his true feelings slip out and give him away. When the article was published on that Mother’s Day, Michael was elated to see how proud and happy Lisa was with his work.

Michael would have almost fainted if he knew, for all his outward control, Lisa became increasingly aware of his feelings for her. She thought his adoration of her was sweet, and a thought began to germinate in her mind—Perhaps Michael Frazier might be able to serve a real purpose in her life.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

That's right! The book is done. Now, to find the right publisher for The Rude Awakening of Rob Whedbee. Any leads will be appreciated.! We'll keep you posted on our progress.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rude Awakening-Manuscript Overview

Lisa Whedbee wanted out. Since her daughter Brittany's birth, she had never been able to accept the loving little girl with profound physical and mental disabilities. Selfish and narcissistic, Lisa considered the child to be an embarrassment and a burden; one who had destroyed the perfect life she took great pride in presenting to the world. Brittany's care had created growing discord between Lisa and her husband, Rob, and was slowly decimating any love they may have once shared. Lisa was ready to break the fetters which bound her to him. Rob was no longer an asset, and with him gone, she would have the means to live the life she believed she deserved. Finally, there was the pawn-- just a means to an end. His moments were also numbered in her murderous plot. The horses were at the gate, and Lisa Whedbee was poised for a perfect trifecta.
Her plan unfolded in the early morning hours of June 8, 1994, when a flyspeck of a man dressed in black, covetous and possessed by passion, clutched a large knife in his gloved hands and stood above his sleeping prey. He could not know, as the blade arced towards its target, how many lives would be forever changed by his crimes.

Breaking dawn would reveal aspects of the odd and multifaceted case, and the minute the story hit the AP Wire, the media descended upon Knoxville, Tennessee, a charming city in the shadows of the Great Smoky Mountains. CNN, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and People Magazine were just a few of the news outlets vying for interviews with anyone who might have a connection to the case. The reporters said it was a "sexy" story--church, greed, adultery, blood, and a defenseless, profoundly disabled child, all the elements that garner column inches and ratings, spurring readership and attracting viewers.


Even when the O.J. Simpson case fired up several days later, media interest in the attempted murder of a respected Knoxville businessman remained high. Tabloid news outlets saw a good story and, before long, the cameras were rolling for segments on A Current Affair, City Confidential, Dateline, Hard Copy, and Snapped. For the first time in Tennessee legal history, the doors of justice swung open for Court TV and legal pundits lined up to provide commentary about the unusual proceedings. Despite the high profile coverage of the case, the whole story, what really happened, has yet to be told

A true crime chronicle, The Rude Awakening of Rob Whedbee, explores the bizarre account of attempted murder, recounts the events leading up to the crime, and provides an in-depth post-mortem of the legal fiasco that followed. The book discusses some of the psychological behaviors that drive ultimate betrayal and exposes some of the gross inequities sometimes found in the judicial system. It also reveals how a courageous spirit can learn to move forward, rebuild lives, and rediscover trust.

Rude Awakening, explores the events leading up to the crime, the bizarre account of the attempted murder, and an in-depth post-mortem of the legal fiasco that followed. The book exposes the traumatic impact of the crime on the victims, Rob Whedbee, and his children, and follows how Rob courageously rebuilt a good life for his family.


Friday, February 28, 2014

Rude Awakening-Who the Bleep Question Comment Session


Watch Who the Bleep Did I Marry on Investigation Discovery Channel Saturday, March 1st  at 8 pm EST and then join us after the show on Facebook, at Rude Awakening Rob Whedbee, for a live chat with your questions and comments about Rob's story and the forthcoming book. 8:45-9:15 p.m.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

True Crime Series on Investigation Discovery Channel Tells the True Story Behind Rude Awakening

UPDATE: DATE SET for airing of Investigation Discovery segment on the story of the attempted murder of Rob Whedbee.

Saturday, March 1st
Investigation Discovery Channel

Stay tuned all you Investigation Discovery addicts. The story behind Rude Awakening will be featured on Investigation Discovery's Who the Bleep Did I Marry, tentatively slated to air Saturday, March 1st.  The episode promises to be a good and informative "watch."
The episode will focus on Rob Whedbee's life with a wife who manipulated him, lied to him and about him,  and ultimately tried to kill him to reap the benefits of his $1.5 million dollar life insurance policy, and other assets totaling more than $4 million..

A narcissistic sociopath, Rob's wife made life difficult for him for twelve years, with things rapidly disintegrating after the birth of their daughter Brittany who was born with profound Down Syndrome, and suffered numerous traumatic medical issues during her first four years of life, including a congenital heart defect called ventricular septal defect (VSD), and a rare brain defect called MoyaMoya disease.

Lisa Whedbee never could accept her special needs child and frequently neglected her, leaving Brittany's care to Rob and his parents, Joyce and Lloyd Whedbee. Most believe that Brittany's life was also in danger the night of the attempt on Rob's life.

 We'll keep you posted..
Moyamoya Disease

Thursday, December 19, 2013

People Magazine Article on the Attempted Murder of Rob Whedbee

Thought it might be interesting to see some of the media coverage from the case.
·         September 05, 1994

·         Vol. 42

·         No. 10

In the Dead of Night

By Marjorie Rosen

Police Say a Reporter's Story Led to Love and a Murder Attempt

INSURANCE SALESMAN Rob Whedbee was sleeping peacefully in the bedroom of his two-story brick house last June 8 when he suddenly awoke to a nightmare. Looming over him stood an intruder wearing rubber gloves and holding a large butcher knife. A weight lifter and onetime amateur boxer, Whedbee, 33, fought back furiously as the figure lashed out with the knife. As he and his assailant tumbled to the floor, Whedbee yelled to his wife, Lisa, 31, for help. But, he later told the Knox County, Tenn., sheriffs department, Lisa was not in her usual place beside him in bed.

Instead she appeared frozen in the bedroom doorway holding an aluminum baseball bat. Whedbee shouted for her to turn on the lights and call the police, but she didn't respond. All he heard, he says, was his attacker shouting, "You've got to do it! Do it now!" Breaking free, Whedbee fled the room and ran down a hall and into the garage, with the assailant in close pursuit. There in his garage, Whedbee finally got a clear look at the knife-wielder before he ran off. Whedbee was stunned. Treated and released for minor wounds on his ear and hands, he later told police that the man who had tried to kill him was Michael Frazier, 32, the features editor for the Oak Ridger, a nearby weekday newspaper with a circulation of 10,000. Whedbee knew him as a fellow member of the Trinity United Methodist Church in Knoxville. And more to the point, Frazier had written a prize-winning article last year about the Whedbee family's struggle to care for their daughter Brittany, now 4, who had had a series of strokes as a toddler and also suffers from Down syndrome. Within hours police arrested Frazier and Lisa, and on Aug. 10 a Knoxville grand jury indicted them on charges including attempted first-degree murder. In the year that Frazier's article appeared, investigators believe, the pair became lovers and later decided to kill Rob Whedbee—perhaps to collect on his reported $1.5 million insurance policy.

Reaction to the attack among friends and acquaintances was one of disbelief. Frazier, an opera buff who was married to his second wife, Tracy, 31, was a popular figure at the church. He worked there as a part-time organist to supplement his income from the Oak Ridger, where he had worked since 1988. Lisa sang in the volunteer church choir. The other connection between the two was Frazier's article, "A Mother's Nightmare, A Mother's Dream," which had portrayed Lisa in highly sympathetic—even heroic—terms. Paul Jones, the music director at the church, says it never occurred to him that the two might be having an affair. "Everyone loved Michael," he adds. "He's a real tight part of this church family." But no one was more aghast at the accusations than Lisa and Rob's neighbors. "I know a lot of people who don't appear happy," says Suzanne Shinn, who lives next door in the suburban neighborhood. "They always did."

Yet appearances, in this case, were misleading. Last April, Lisa Whedbee consulted attorney Sarah Sheppeard about a divorce. Then, on May 17, she filed a petition for an order of protection. In it, she alleged that when she returned home after the appointment with Sheppeard, her husband was angrily waiting for her. "He told me that my attorney would not ever make it to court for me because he would kill her first, then he would kill my best friend for helping me," Lisa claimed in the court document. The following week, when Whedbee noticed that she had removed her wedding rings, she declared, he "placed his hands around my neck, choking me (in front of Brittany), and told me how he would snap my neck." Then he allegedly raped her.

Whedbee, Lisa's husband of 12 years, adamantly denies her accusations. "I have never been physically or mentally abusive to [my] wife," Whedbee stated in a divorce action he began hours after the June 8 assault. In fact, in his testimony at a preliminary hearing, he contended that Lisa threatened him with domestic violence. Last May 15, according to Whedbee, after one particularly heated argument over whether their children, Justin, 8, and Brittany, should be allowed to swim at his parents' house, he encountered his wife in the basement carrying a loaded shotgun, which she pointed in his direction. Whedbee ran from the house.

Since the attempted knifing, Lisa has fired off a divorce counterclaim of her own, citing "irreconcilable differences" and asking for sole custody of Justin and Brittany. But because Rob obtained a temporary injunction forbidding any contact with the children, who remain with their father, she has seen neither one since her arrest. Released that night on $50,000 bail, Lisa spent nearly two weeks under psychiatric treatment in an undisclosed hospital. As for her possible defense, lawyers intend to argue that a statement she made to police on the day of the attack, in which she apparently admitted having an affair with Frazier and letting him into the house, should be thrown out because she did not have an attorney present. Like Lisa, Frazier, who is also free on bail, is expected to plead not guilty at their arraignment on Sept. 9. Whatever the outcome of the trial, which may not begin until next year, the June 8 attack has left local residents wondering if anything these days can be taken for granted. Says the Whedbees' neighbor Bill Shinn: "The Whedbees were the perfect family. They were the perfect neighbors. And Lisa was the perfect wife."

AMY ESKIND and MARTHA HUME in knoxville

·         Contributors:

·         Amy Eskind,

·         Martha Hume.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Chapter Synopsis-Take 2

17      Take 2

            After his first interview with Lisa Whedbee, Dan Stewart tells the Sheriff, Tim Hutchison, he is sure she is lying and plans to give her another go. Eventually, Dan brings Mrs. Whedbee up to the house, where Rob, Paul Hughes, Gerald Weller, and Dan have congregated in the living room for her second interview. Dan goes through her Miranda rights again, and Lisa nods her understanding and her agreement to talk without an attorney present.

            This time Lisa’s story has some elements of the truth, but Dan is convinced she is far from being totally truthful. She does admit she let Frazier in the house, but she had no idea what he planned to do. Based on her statement, Dan feels there is enough to be arrest and charge her with conspiracy to commit first degree murder.

            She began to cry and look at Rob beseechingly as she was cuffed and put in the back of Gerald Weller’s patrol car. Downtown, Lisa Outlaw Whedbee was fingerprinted and had her “picture” taken. It was said of her mug shot, “the very vain, ‘never a hair out of place,’ ‘Glamour Shot girl’ Lisa Whedbee looked like 30 miles of bad road.”